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Want to publish your books on Amazon?

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Here is your first step on your way to success!

This one-of-a-kind practical workshop will teach you in one session

everything you need to get your books published on Amazon

and how to increase your exposure to thousands of readers

in order to become Amazon Bestselling Authors


Learn from an Experienced Author

As an Amazon bestselling author whose books received hundreds of reviews,

I harnessed the valuable knowledge I gained and created a unique

workshop for writers who want to publish their books on Amazon.

In this workshop, I'll walk you through the complete process

of publishing a book on Amazon, step by step.

The Workshop is instructed from the writers' point of view and includes important aspects authors should pay attention to,

including marketing techniques and how to reach international exposure.


Practical Skills and Tools

All the steps of publishing a book on Amazon

along with important must-know tips.

How to increase your exposure to tens of thousands of readers

and become Amazon Beselling Authors.

Ways to save costs and increase profits.

We will learn how you can maximize your book's sales,

downloads, and reviews before it even goes live!


Special Bonuses

After the workshop, you will receive a checklist document

that is a must-have for self-published authors on Amazon.

I'm always available to answer your questions

and advise you down the road.


Knowledge is Power

The workshop is designed to make knowledge about Amazon

accessible for authors in a manner that is relevant to their needs.

You will have a clear understanding of what your next step is

on the way to publishing on Amazon and becoming

Amazon Bestselling Authors.

Why should you publish
on Amazon?


The leading platform with sales of hundreds of million books per year

A friendly platform for indie authors with no need of an agent or publisher

Huge readership in the US

and worldwide

International exposure

and exclusive promotion tools

Logo of Publishing a Dream on Amazon workshop for authors
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Publishing a Dream on Amazon workshop for authors - group picture

What this workshop is
going to teach you

The workshop will guide you through the complete process of publishing a book on Amazon from A to Z:


Starting with recommendations of suitable editors and where to find them, tips for winning book covers, selecting reading categories and how it can affect your book's sales rank, the magic of keywords, obtaining reviews on Amazon, necessary information about what goes "behind the scenes" of Amazon Books, and how to use the Amazon algorithm to your advantage!

I will share with you effective marketing techniques from my own personal experience, estimated expenses and how to save costs, in what manner the Amazon algorithm works and the ways you can use it to your advantage, and of course valuable answers to any remaining questions you may have about Amazon.

Logo of Publishing a Dream on Amazon workshop for authors

What Amazon authors think about the workshop


Either in small groups or in one-on-one sessions,

you'll gain essential knowledge and practical tools that will substantially increase your readership on Amazon.

This knowledge can help you generate thousands of dollars in royalties.

The participant fee includes a one-on-one/group session (2.5 hrs) and a bonus of the must-have checklist document for building a successful marketing strategy on Amazon.

A Small Investment for High Value

Your journey toward success on Amazon starts here!

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Logo of Publishing a Dream on Amazon workshop for authors

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Dana V. Moison Amazon Bestselling authors filmed with her books Dark Illusion and The False Mirror at Central Park New York

:About your lecturer

Dana V. Moison is an Amazon Bestselling Author. Her psychological thriller Dark Illusion reached #1 bestseller in Travel Adventure within 3 days of its launch, and her detective mystery novel The False Mirror reached top of the charts in multiple mystery, thriller & suspense categories worldwide.

Her books gained over 100,000 sales and downloads on Amazon, 1,000,000 and counting Kindle Unlimited reads on Amazon's exclusive royalty plan, and more than 700 Amazon reviews.

With vast experience in public speaking and lecturing

(Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv City Hall) in addition to mentoring dozens of authors who already published their books on Amazon, Dana will guide your through this amazing journey ahead of you and will grant you all the right tools to guarantee your success!

This is your chance to learn how to become Amazon Bestselling Authors!

Among others, Dana holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in women & gender studies. In this workshop she will share with you what she learned in the university of Amazon.