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Dana V. Moison Amazon Bestselling Author

Dana V. Moison Amazon Bestselling Author holding her thriller novel against the background of a library filled with books.

About Dana

Dana V. Moison is an Amazon Bestselling Author who specializes in writing detective mysteries led by strong women sleuths. Being born to an Israeli mother and an American Father, Dana has gained the best of both worlds: she dreams big and has the Israeli Chutzpah to pursue her dreams.

While most of her family resides in the U.S., she was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. Nevertheless, her frequent visits to her family in New York have allowed her to experience the city as a local. New York was the source of inspiration for her first novel, Dark Illusion, which takes place in Manhattan. In fact, quite a few chapters were handwritten at the Starbucks branch located on the basement floor of the Empire State Building. Soon enough she traded her ballpoint pen with a laptop, and they haven't been separated ever since.


Dana started working toward a degree in psychology during high school. She graduated with top honors and received her bachelor's degree from the Open University after completing her military service as a psycho-technical diagnostician. Dana worked as one of the youngest columnists for Ynet, the #1 news website in Israel, before releasing her first novel at the age of 23.

In 2012 Dana moved to the French Alps, where she was able to polish her French and, against all odds, some pretty decent skiing skills. She kept writing her column while being abroad. When she returned to Israel, she enrolled in the NCJW program at Tel Aviv University. She graduated with top honors and earned her master's degree in women and gender studies.

When Dark Illusion was first published on, it hit thousands of downloads and sales within 24 hours of its debut, becoming the #1 best seller in Travel Adventure and achieving high rankings in multiple Mystery, Thriller & Suspense categories.

Subsequently, Dana's second thriller novel, The False Mirror, was published on Amazon, ranking at the top of the charts and reaching thousands of readers only days after its release.

Due to its success, Dark Illusion was recently relaunched in a new edition, gaining tens of thousands of new avid readers discovering the illusive magic of this unique and unpredictable psychological thriller.

Overall, Dana's books have over 100,000 readers worldwide!

Nowadays Dana is working on the third book in the Detective Sharon Davis series, which is expected to be released in 2023.

Closeup of Dana V. Moison Amazon Bestselling Author

Detective Sharon Davis Book Series

Women Sleuth Thriller Novels

Detective Sharon Davis has brought a lot of inspiration to my life.

I often ask myself: What would Sharon Davis do?

Detective Sharon Davis - original drawing by an artist

The Detective Sharon Davis series brings outstanding women detective fiction to the forefront, with indomitable, compelling, and authentic female characters, intriguing mysteries, and surprising twists you won’t be able to guess.

Recommended Thriller Novels

Dark Illusion

An international bestseller in the worldwide Amazon Kindle store. This unexpected psychological thriller has an unbelievable twist! Although the identity of the killer is revealed at the very beginning, by the last page you will be left speechless.

Dark Illusion by Dana V. Moison - paperback and kindle

The False Mirror

Read by tens of thousands of readers around the globe. In this unconventional mystery thriller, two criminal investigations intertwine until the surprising and elegant ending. Dedicated to all the readers who on rainy days stomp their feet to the nearest museum.

The False Mirror by Dana V. Moison - paperback and kindle

The Eden Code

This international crime novel revolves around the murder of an Israeli journalist who was working on a top-secret article. This read will reveal to you a fascinating world that hasn’t been introduced in the suspense genre ever before.

The Eden Code by Dana V. Moison - coming soon (magnifying glass)

Special Offers

Levitating Books

Amazon Bestselling Author

Creator of "Publishing a Dream on Amazon" workshop

Teaching authors how to publish their books on Amazon and maximize their chances to become Amazon Bestselling Authors

Editor & Proofreader

Editing & proofreading


Mentoring writers and  giving counseling sessions  

Experienced Lecturer

An Inspiring lecture revealing the remarkable story that led Dana to write mystery novels

Writing classes and workshops for adult and youth

Colorful Pens

Journalist and writer

Over 10 years of experience writing for the top news websites in Israel (Ynet, Mako)

and in print journalism

Composing original stories upon demand

Bloggers'  Reviews

"There is a female power dominating this book. That's one of the things I loved most, because there aren't many thrillers with such a strong female presence.

Additionally, unlike other thrillers, I loved not having to wait until the end of the book to find out who the murderer is (sort of), the only thing that needs to be solved is the REASON.

The story was intriguing and the writing was fascinating with lots of cynical humor and graphic descriptions that totally made me feel part of the plot.

While there were a lot of chapters, they were short and almost each one of them ended with a surprising discovery.

The author has a great imagination. to be honest, I'm still a little shocked she created such a crazy character (psychopathic AF!)  

The Romantic Blogger

"A twisted dark psychological thriller that will leave you breathless.

I put this book up there with Dean Koontz-Intensity.

It is one you do not want to put down.

It is complex, the characters are fully developed and have underlying stories to tell that makes this book magic."

Berta's Blog

"Wow, talk about a curve ball.

This book has some spins in it that's for sure.

Dark Illusion by Dana V. Moison is a very well written story full of suspense. The prolog itself will have you tilt your head and asking "What the!".

I love how it gives each of the characters room to explore their role. I would have to say that my favorite persona is Sharon, a Detective for NYPD. A good detective follows every lead no matter what or who it is, and some even lose a lot of sleep over a case.

This book is definitely in my favorite's category.

Warning: May cause sleep deprivation if read at night."

Fussing's of Little Tex Blog

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