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לוגו סדנת "להוציא לאור חלום" באמזון לסופרים

Want to start selling books on Amazon ?

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It's possible - and here's your first step!

A unique workshop of its kind that will teach you in one session  

What you need to do to publish your book on Amazon

In a way that will increase your exposure to thousands of readers.

Experienced learning

As a writer whose books have garnered hundreds of reviews on Amazon and reached best-seller status, I harnessed the knowledge I gained and created a unique workshop of its kind for writers who want to publish their book on Amazon.

In this workshop I go through with you the complete process of publishing a book on Amazon, step by step .

The workshop is delivered from the point of view of a writer and includes all the aspects that writers should pay attention to,

Includes learning marketing techniques at Amazon and how to reach international exposure .

Acquisition of practical skills and tools

All the steps to publishing a book on Amazon include important tips

How to reach the exposure of tens of thousands of readers

Ways to save costs and increase profits

We will learn how to maximize your book's chances of success before it even airs!

Get support going forward

At the end of the workshop you will receive a detailed digital guide to uploading the book to Amazon's system.

A checklist document will be sent to you, which is a must for every writer on Amazon.

I am always available to answer your questions and advise further down the road.

knowledge is power

The workshop is designed to make the knowledge about Amazon accessible in a way that is tailored and relevant to the writers,

So that you come out of the meeting with a clear understanding of what your next step is on the road to advertising on Amazon.

Why should you advertise on Amazon?

The leading platform with sales of over 20 million books a year 
Friendly interface for freelance writers - independent of publisher
 Huge readership in the US and around the world
Prestigious character and international exposure!
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תמונה קבוצתית של משתתפי סדנת "להוציא לאור חלום" באמזון לסופרים

What you will learn in the workshop:

In the workshop we will go through together the full process of publishing a book on Amazon from A to T:

From the translation stage of the book, tips for choosing the right editors, what it takes to upload the book to Amazon, how to choose reading categories and how it can affect your book's sales ratings, how to get reviews and reviews on Amazon, information on opportunities to leverage success and important information for writers Where this oiled system works.

I will share with you tips and techniques to stand out, recommendations from trusted professionals and sites, information on costs and profits including ways to save significant costs, how Amazon's algorithm works and how you can use it to your advantage, and of course answer all the questions we surveyed about Amazon.

Recommendations from the field


The price of the workshop: 350 NIS.

Payment options: through the website,

Bank transfer or bit.

What's included in the price: a comprehensive three-hour workshop, a digital guide to uploading a book on Amazon and a concluding checklist document.  

Cancellation policy: Full refund for cancellations up to one week before the workshop. Cancellation fee of NIS 100 for cancellations up to one day before the workshop. No refunds will be issued for cancellations on the day of the workshop itself.

Symbolic investment for essential knowledge

Your road to success at Amazon starts here!

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Image by Christian Wiediger

 אז מה מחכה לכם בסדנה?

  • התהליך המלא להוצאת ספר באמזון כולל טיפים חשובים בכל שלב (החל מתרגום הספר וכלה בשיווקו השוטף לאחר צאתו לאור)

  • עלויות והכנסות משוערות, וכיצד ניתן לחסוך בהוצאות

  • הוצאה עצמית באמזון לעומת סוכנות קידום - יתרונות וחסרונות

  • דגש על ההיבט השיווקי: כיצד ליישם בעצמכם את השיטה מנצחת שמייצרת חשיפה של אלפי קוראים

  • בסיום הסדנה תקבלו מדריך דיגיטלי מפורט להעלאת הספר במערכת של אמזון 

  • יישלח אליכם במייל מסמך צ'קליסט מקיף שהוא בגדר חובה לכל סופר/ת באמזון 

דנה מויסון סופרת מתח בינלאומית ומנחת סדנאות "להוציא לאור חלום" באמזון לסופרים

About Me
I've discussing, nice to meet you. 
Writer and facilitator of workshops in a variety of fields for over six years. 
Holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from the Open University and a master's degree in gender from Tel Aviv University. 
I used to work in writing and journalistic editing, including writing a regular column for Ynet.
I wrote three thrillers that were published in Hebrew. Two of them were published in English and won hundreds of reviews and tens of thousands of readers around the world. My third book is coming up on Amazon soon.
I went through an amazing literary track both in Israel and abroad, and learned a lot along the way - I will tell you about that in detail in the workshop :)

סדנת אמזון לסופרים - הזמנת מקומות

לתשלום בהעברה בנקאית/ביט אנא צרו קשר - 0508553795

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