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The guide that writers must read before they publish a book on Amazon - as a gift!

המדריך שסופרים חייבים לקרוא לפני שהם מוציאים לאור ספר באמזון - במתנה

The guide that will teach you how to maximize your chances of success at Amazon through 10 important tips that every Amazon writer must know!

The guide will teach you:

  • What can you do to maximize your chances of success at Amazon?

  • Practical steps you need to take to publish a book on Amazon

  • Which mistakes or "shortcuts" (which many writers fall into) should you avoid

  • How you can take advantage of Amazon's algorithm to your advantage

  • What important tools does the Amazon system have to offer you

  • What's the secret of the most successful freelance writers on Amazon

Nice to meet you

I'm Dana Moyson, writer and workshop facilitator.
My thrillers have become bestsellers on Amazon
And were read by tens of thousands of readers.
I conduct workshops for writers who want to
Publish their book on Amazon and give it to them
The knowledge and tools to succeed on their own. 
Hope this guide helps writers
At the beginning of the road and will give them a starting point
Good for continuing their Amazon journey.
Success for all of us!

דנה מויסון, סופרת מתח בינלאומית, מרצה ומנחת סדנאות "להוציא לאור חלום" באמזון לסופרים שרוצים להוציא לאור את הספר שלהם באמזון
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