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Nice to Meet You

Dana V. Moison Amazon Bestselling Author holding her thriller novel against the background of a library filled with books.

About Dana

I'm Dana and for as long as I can remember I have loved words: to sing them, to rhyme them, to chat them, to write them - you name it.

Closeup of Dana V. Moison Amazon Bestselling Author

my books

Women Sleuth Thriller Novels

Detective Sharon Davis has brought a lot of inspiration to my life.

I often ask myself: What would Sharon Davis do?

Detective Sharon Davis - original drawing by an artist

The Detective Sharon Davis series brings outstanding women detective fiction to the forefront, with indomitable, compelling, and authentic female characters, intriguing mysteries, and surprising twists you won’t be able to guess.

Recommended Thriller Novels

Dark Illusion

An international bestseller in the worldwide Amazon Kindle store. This unexpected psychological thriller has an unbelievable twist! Although the identity of the killer is revealed at the very beginning, by the last page you will be left speechless.

Dark Illusion by Dana V. Moison - paperback and kindle

The False Mirror

Read by tens of thousands of readers around the globe. In this unconventional mystery thriller, two criminal investigations intertwine until the surprising and elegant ending. Dedicated to all the readers who on rainy days stomp their feet to the nearest museum.

The False Mirror by Dana V. Moison - paperback and kindle

The Eden Code

This international crime novel revolves around the murder of an Israeli journalist who was working on a top-secret article. This read will reveal to you a fascinating world that hasn’t been introduced in the suspense genre ever before.

The Eden Code by Dana V. Moison - coming soon (magnifying glass)

Special Offers

Levitating Books

Amazon Writer

Creates and hosts "Publish a Dream" workshops on Amazon

Comprehensive tutorial for writers on how to advertise on Amazon and maximize your chances of success

Editor & Proofreader

Editing & proofreading


Mentoring writers and  giving counseling sessions  

Experienced Lecturer

An inspiring lecture on the personal story that led me to write thrillers

Conducting writing workshops for adults and youth

Colorful Pens

Journalist and writer

A 10-year resume on leading websites (Ynet, Mako) and the written press

Writing original stories by personal order 

Bloggers'  Reviews

"I received the book Cipher Eden in the morning and with great excitement I opened the package and started reading. As happened to me in the two previous and beloved books, A False Mirror and a Dark Illusion, I too could not leave this book until I finished it by the end of the evening with indescribable eagerness and pleasure!

Of course I knew this was what was going to happen so I planned to be completely free and indulge in the pleasure that awaited me in reading.

A sweeping, shaky and breathtaking book!

Dear Dana, Thank you for a particularly enjoyable day I had. I have no choice but to wait for your next book, because as I have already written to you, my favorite and favorite author !!!

The three books "Dark Illusion", "False Mirror" and "Code of Eden" are the most fun books I have ever read !!! "

Sigal Shaya

"As a die-hard fan of thrillers I was addicted! The writing is fascinating and surprising, the content is sweeping, the plot branches out and combines content of history and art and you can't let go of the book. A young and talented writer of our own! Dana Moyson does not fall in any way one of my favorite writers like Lee Child Games Patterson Michael Conley and others! I'm sorry to finish the books but really happy to know that the sequel will come.

I always said that I was missing Israeli thriller writers who would write new books and then Dana came. "

Berta's Blog

"What a wonderful writer! So glad I came across her books about three years ago and I have no doubt the world needs more of her books.

Dana Moyson's three books revolve around the character of Detective Sharon Davis, a great character that is very easy to fall in love with with each passing page. Moyson's thrillers are made up of short chapters but ones that leave the reader with their tongue out and with little choice but to run fast to the next chapter to see what happens next (or as I call it, the 'one more chapter and sleep' syndrome and hows already 2 in the morning? !). 

Sweeping books and excellent writing. Highly recommended! "

Fussing's of Little Tex Blog

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