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The books in the Detective Sharon Davis series were translated into English and became international bestsellers on Amazon With over 100,000 readers worldwide!

הבלשית שרון דיוויס הביאה הרבה השראה אל תוך חיי. לא פעם קורה שאני שואלת את עצמי: מה שרון דיוויס הייתה עושה?

סדרת הבלשית שרון דיוויס מביאה לקדמת הבמה מתח נשי בלשי במיטבו, עם דמויות נשיות חזקות, מעניינות ואותנטיות, תעלומות מסקרנות וכמובן טוויסטים מפתיעים שאי אפשר לנחש.

ספרי מתח מומלצים

A dark illusion

For three years no one was able to stop the serial killer whose victims were beautiful girls whom Maran corrupted before their death. Sharon, a tough detective from New York's homicide department, sets out to catch the elusive killer at any cost. In her search, she reaches the top of the glamor world, and along the way arouses the wrath of the editor of a well-known fashion magazine. She discovers that the secret to solving the mystery lies with a supermodel, who is unaware of the danger lurking in her. Will Sharon manage to assemble all the puzzle pieces in time and save the next victim? 

"Dark Illusion" is a story about three strong women: an international model, a successful businesswoman who hides a dark secret and a stubborn detective. During a cross-border pursuit of the truth, the ugly side of revenge is revealed, but surprising love bonds are also forged. The past of the heroines is woven into the chain of murders and leads to the surprising end of the book. 

This is the first book by Dana Moison, who has a bachelor's degree in psychology and writes for the relationship section of the Ynet website. 

Apple Illusion became a bestseller and even reached number one in the world in Amazon's Kindle store, with tens of thousands of readers.

false vision

Detective Sharon Davis investigates the suspicious death of a famous escort girl, a favorite of the New York elite. In the middle of the high-profile investigation, she meets Becky, a young girl who needs her help. Becky decided to leave her peaceful hometown and look for the answers to the questions that always bothered her about her mysterious past in New York.


The question marks continue to emerge as the plot progresses: why did the famous escort girl find her death? Who wants to hurt Becky? And what's the big secret she never knew about?

Seemingly two different mysteries with two different solutions. indeed?

This is the second book by Dana Moison, a writer of Israeli-American origin, who has a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in gender from Tel Aviv University. Her books were translated into English and became international bestsellers on Amazon.

Eden cipher

The New York detective Sharon Davis is required to solve the case of the brutal murder of an American journalist of Israeli origin. She soon finds herself swept into an international mystery whose roots are in ancient tradition and whose branches now stretch across the ocean.


During the investigation Sharon meets a mysterious man, to whom proximity is dangerous but inevitable, like a moth attracted to a flame. The threats to her life are increasing, but nothing stops her. She is determined to discover the dark secrets that the journalist took with him to the grave:

What is the secret of the ancient book that was stained with the blood of the murdered man?

What does the enigmatic code he left behind on a crumpled note mean?

And what was the subject of the article that he worked on in complete secrecy until the moment of his murder?

Zofen Eden is the third book by Dana Moison, a writer of Israeli-American origin, who holds a BA in psychology from the Open University and a MA in gender from Tel Aviv University. Her previous books, Dark Mirage and False Mirror, were published in Hebrew and English and became bestsellers on Amazon.

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