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Code of Eden - Printed

Code of Eden - Printed

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New York detective Sharon Davis is required to decipher the case of the brutal murder of an American journalist of Israeli descent. She soon finds herself swept into an international mystery whose roots in an age-old tradition and its branches now intertwine between the two sides of the ocean.


During the interrogation, Sharon meets a mysterious man, whose closeness is dangerous but inevitable, like a moth drawn to a flame. The threats on her life are growing, but nothing is stopping her. She is determined to discover the dark secrets the journalist took with him to the grave:

  What is the secret of the ancient book stained with the blood of the murdered?

  What is the meaning of the enigmatic code he left behind in a crumpled note?

  And what was the subject of the article he had been working on in complete secrecy until the moment of his murder?


Code of Eden  It is the third book by Dana Moyson, a writer of Israeli-American descent, with a bachelor's degree in psychology from the Open University and a master's degree in gender from Tel Aviv University. Her previous books,  A dark delusion  And a false mirror , published in Hebrew and English and became bestsellers on Amazon.

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